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An insurance agency management system designed specifically for the benefits broker.

Generate RFPs and proposals, build custom reports, track commissions and reconcile your book of business. All of this information is centralized and accessible by any agency user at any time. Unlike other insurance agency management systems, BrokerageBuilder is designed to fit the benefits broker, not the other way around.

Save time and manage many moving parts with an AMS created with you in mind

Create customized workflows to fit your agency’s processes in order create consistency across account managers. Each user will be provided with a daily list of overdue tasks and upcoming items that require them to take action. Think of this as their virtual checklist to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Easily access client information, including accounts, plans, files, activities and more

Ensure your business can continue to run smoothly even when an employee is unexpectedly out of the office. Users can access all of the agency’s accounts, plans, files, activities, commissions and carrier data from anywhere they have an internet connection via a web-based, customizable solution.

Easily manage time-intensive renewals

Create carrier-ready, industry-leading RFPs in minutes and easily send to multiple carriers and track their status. Compile carrier quotes from RFPs to easily create client proposals that analyze plan options and are branded and customized to your agency.

Identify missed commission and accurately compensate producers

Monitor expected versus actual commissions received from your carriers. Run reports on-demand or on a scheduled basis to identify discrepancies and ensure you are receiving every hard-earned commission dollar.

Jeff Hill

“Zywave has been a fantastic partner in technology and content that is invaluable for the benefits and Property industry we share.”

Frank Pennachio

“In a world of “content” marketing, Zywave creates and delivers a seemingly endless supply of valuable content for both agents and their prospective and current clients. “

Ellen Kloth

“Partner relations is the best customer service in the industry. “

Roberta Flannery

“Every experience I’ve had with Zywave Partner Support has been excellent.”

Ronnell Nolan

“We have worked with Zywave since the inception of HAFA and always been pleased with their level of service.”

Michelle D'Argenio

“Zywave is a great business tool! Broker Briefcase is my agency’s go to. It is very easy to navigate.”

Emily Koleno

“Zywave offers great content and I’ve had only wonderful experiences with their team.”

Eugene Leis

“Their support service people are absolutely fantastic. The product is great too!”

Laura Peterson

“Great support. These products help our clients and us every day!”

Cort Niemi

“Absolutely awesome product. We use it almost every day!”

Kaylee David

“Zywave, working with your team has been nothing, but amazing thus far! We would recommend Zywave to anyone.”

Jennifer Walden

“This product is amazing, the reports generated are easy to read yet very informative for quarterly reviews with our clients.”

Ashley Robison

“I love the amount of information they have available and the ability to modify/personalize it for my clients. Great service!!”

Everything you need to grow your agency.

BrokerageBuilder pairs perfectly with the following other products: Broker Briefcase® Benefits Edition and HRconnection®.

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BrokerageBuilder solves the complex problems you're facing.

  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Accelerate admin tasks
  • Track commissions
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Cut down the amount of time it takes to service your clients with all information accessible from one place. This allows your agency to provide a consistent customer experience leading to greater customer satisfaction.

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With BrokerageBuilder, an agency can organize all of their client and prospect information including accounts, plans, files, activities, commissions and carrier data. Create customized workflows that fit your agency, generate RFPs and proposals, renew plans and track client and carrier correspondence.

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Monitor expected commission versus actual commissions received from your carriers for your clients’ benefit plans. Run reports on-demand or on a scheduled basis to identify discrepancies and ensure you are receiving every hard-earned commission dollar.

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Here are just some of the features that set BrokerageBuilder apart.

Integration with Microsoft

Integration with other tools

Seamless Microsoft® Outlook® integration syncs contact data, allows emails to be saved as activities, improves recordkeeping and more. Integration with a MyWave Elements™ client resource portal allows clients to view benefit plan information, including effective dates and policy numbers. Save time on data entry and ease administration with integration to HRconnection®, our employee HR portal

Real time reporting

Real-time reporting

Use one of 80 report templates or use our advanced report designer to build your own—add formulas, manipulate fields and customize to your needs. Track upcoming renewals, monitor open activities, audit internal usage and much more. Schedule commonly run reports to be emailed automatically to one or more recipients, always with the most up-to-date data.

Proposal generator

Proposal generator

Enter carrier quotes from RFPs to easily create client proposals. Easily brand and customize proposals with cover pages and other content.

RFP creation wizard

RFP creation wizard

Create carrier-ready RFPs in minutes, easily send to multiple carriers and track their status within the system. Deliver industry-leading RFPs, in a consistent format preferred by top carriers.

File management

File management

This allows everyone at the agency to have 24/7 access to all data and information in the system. So, no matter where a broker is, he can access all his client data in real-time.

Activity tracking 1

Activity tracking

Track all activities for a given account, including activity history and current activity. It also allows all activity to be available to all users at the agency so that everyone in the office has access to important account information.

Commission variance tracking

Commission variance tracking

Allows you to monitor expected commission vs. actual commissions received from carriers for benefit plans. Ensure that producers are getting paid what they are supposed to from insurance carriers.

Centralize client carrier plan and contact data

Centralized data

Streamline processes and standardize workflows through activities for efficient team collaboration and data management. Track client meetings, services and claims to easily gather data for stewardship reports at renewal. Manage workflows and retain vital information for E&O compliance. Nothing slips through the cracks.

Brokerage Builder pairs perfectly with the following other products: Broker Briefcase Benefits and HRconnection.