Zywave Expands API Capabilities, Empowers Insurance Organizations to Maximize Data-Driven Potential

MILWAUKEE – Zywave, an industry-leading provider of insurtech solutions, announced today the expansion of its API capabilities, which enable insurance organizations to further maximize their data-driven opportunities throughout the entire prospect-to-client journey. Through these multiple solutions, Zywave will provide users access to insightful, new data sets, empower organizations to optimize their technology workflows, and enable them to use their existing data in meaningful, new ways.

Over the past few months, the insurtech provider released two new API products, including Lead Insights API, which provides access to a comprehensive database for lead generation; and Personal Lines Quoting API, a solution that brings quoting with carrier-direct pricing into an insurance organization’s existing technology platform.

“As insurance workflows have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years, APIs have played an even more critical role in the industry, enabling seamless integration between various systems and platforms,” said Jason Liu, Zywave’s CEO. “At Zywave, our philosophy on open architecture emphasizes the importance of industry partnerships and collaboration, which has led to the development of new solutions that help insurance brokers, insurers, and service providers optimize their operations.”

Demonstrating its commitment to open architecture, Zywave is introducing several new API solutions that will further revolutionize the industry:

Just released, Zywave’s Lead Insights API will help users revolutionize their prospecting and sales processes, by providing access to the extensive customer data that powers Zywave’s industry-leading lead generation solution. The miEdge dataset enables advanced company searches, identifies key contacts and offers critical insights into employer compliance data for millions of employers nationwide.

Also new to market is Zywave’s Personal Lines Quoting API, a one-stop shop for quoting auto coverage. With carrier-direct pricing from our over 200 insurer partners in all 50 states, the Personal Lines Quoting API helps our customers enhance their rating processes and maximize operational efficiency, all within their existing technology platforms. In addition to auto, home coverage will be added to the offering in the coming months.

Available through Zywave’s Sales Cloud, the Policy API enables key policy information to flow freely between critical technology platforms, such as customer relationship management systems, agency management systems, benefit admins, compliance systems, or carrier portals. The structured format of data the API is built upon allows users to create a single source of truth for their policy information between multiple systems, resulting in more streamlined processes and reduced errors.

Released in January 2023, the Group Benefits Quoting API enables benefits brokers to quote medical and ancillary lines of coverage more efficiently, directly within their existing systems. Powered by carefully sourced carrier-direct pricing from over 500 benefits insurers, brokers can leverage Zywave’s unrivaled dataset to quickly and accurately quote over 55,000 fully funded and level-funded medical, dental and vision plans with their existing census or enrollment data.

Previously available, the Content API pushes Zywave’s industry-leading content directly into our customers’ client portals. It includes over 10,000 pieces of attorney-backed content created by our team of industry experts, on topics including compliance, risk management, human resources, wellness, and more.

The forthcoming Benchmark Analysis API delivers the data insurers and commercial brokers need to enhance their benchmarking and loss analysis capabilities. Powered by Zywave’s Loss Insight dataset, the Benchmark Analysis API includes Cyber, D&O, EPLI, and Casualty loss data on over one million high-severity losses, valued at more than $10 trillion.

With Zywave’s extensive portfolio of API solutions, its customers will increase efficiency, optimize their workflows, and drive strategic growth.

As API technology and API-enabled partners increasingly become key insurtech investments, Zywave will continue to lead the market with a philosophy of open architecture and a focus on strategic data partnerships. To learn more about Zywave’s industry-leading solutions, visit www.zywave.com.

About Zywave  
Zywave leads the insurtech industry, fueling business growth for its partners with cloud-based sales management, client delivery, content and analytics solutions. Zywave’s all-in-one platform provides customizable, user-friendly options that enable insurance professionals to build a unique solution to fit their specific growth goals—their own Modern RevOps Machine. More than 15,000 insurers, agencies and brokerages worldwide—including all of the top 100 U.S. insurance brokerages—use Zywave solutions to enhance client services, achieve business growth and promote greater health, wellness, risk management and safety. Additional information can be found at www.zywave.com.

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