WCL & Imaginera Announce Strategic Partnership to Provide ACORD Messaging Capabilities to Global Customers

Collaboration will improve efficiency, expand applicability of Imaginera’s extensive Orca product suite

LONDON – Web Connectivity Limited (WCL), a Zywave company, and Imaginera, a leading global provider of software solutions to the (re)insurance industry, announced today that they will build on their existing relationship, formalising a strategic partnership to provide Imaginera’s customers with messaging capability, including London market bureau connectivity.

“Given WCL and Imaginera have successfully worked together with mutual clients for a number of years, it gives me great pleasure to formally announce our strategic partnership,” said James Willison, WCL Managing Director. “WCL has a proven track record of integrating with multiple core systems, both in the London and Bermuda markets, providing efficiency benefits to carriers looking to use single core systems across multiple underwriting platforms.”

Imaginera’s Orca underwriting platform provides carriers with full lifecycle support of a risk including an underwriter workbench, as well as policy and claims administration solutions. Through integration with WCL’s enabledB2B messaging suite, carriers will be able to further enhance the efficiency gains through a modern, integrated, digital product suite. The underwriter workbench will connect to multiple placing platforms, the policy administration system will enable connection to the London market bureau, and Imaginera’s claims administration system will offer the capability to process claims data, either sent directly from brokers or via the London market bureau systems.

With external data connectivity via WCL’s enabledB2B gateway and related products, including enabledAccounting, Imaginera’s customers will be able to exchange data with their broker partners once, automatically, in real-time, and then use that data across multiple internal products, eliminating data duplication and rekeying.

“We are excited to formally engage with WCL to harness the power of electronic messaging to reduce administrative friction for our clients,” said Bevis Tetlow, Imaginera CEO. “Going forward this partnership will help us extend the capability and automation offered by our Orca underwriting platform.”

About WCL

Acquired in 2020, WCL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zywave, an industry-leading insurtech provider. An innovator in gateway and messaging for the (re)insurance industry, WCL has over two decades of experience enabling digital trading within (re)insurance markets globally. WCL has expertise in delivering ACORD messaging capability to over 80 carriers and broker partners and has connections to all major digital placing platforms, London Market central systems and services and Administration systems. WCL brings insurance industry players closer together—creating stronger relationships between brokers, insurers and reinsurers. Its solutions help companies streamline core business processes and automate common tasks to improve efficiency and reporting.

About Imaginera

Imaginera is a private company founded in 2013, an industry-leading insurtech provider. Imaginera builds underwriting systems that empower insurance, reinsurance, ILS and broker teams through the creative application of technology. Launched in 2021, Imaginera’s software as a service underwriting platform ‘Orca’ aims to help global underwriting teams work more effectively together to capture, transact and administer big ticket insurance and reinsurance submissions.


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