Standalone Rating – What You Need To Know

More now than ever, insurers, MGAs and program administrators are looking to efficiently:

• Grow
• Differentiate themselves
• Navigate the regulatory environment

There is growing development of unique behavior-based products or embedded services in their product management efforts and insurers are expanding their distribution channels through agents or even direct to consumers.

As rating algorithms continue to become complex, product managers are using predictive analytics to:

• Drive dynamic and rapid product development and enhancements
• Manage their rates more efficiently
• Create even more customized and personalized products

Join this webinar session with Zywave’s David Cartegena, VP & GM – ClarionDoor Greg Gaydos, Senior Business Development Executive, Scott Martin, Director – Solutions Consulting to learn about why these trends point to the continual expansion of the use of stand-alone rating engines that live outside of a traditional Policy Administration Systems.


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