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Zywave (formerly EISI) Retirement CFA provides advisors the ability to attract prospects and generate qualified leads

Monday, January 9, 2012
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Joel Bruckenstein reviews EISI’s new Retirement Customer Facing Application (CFA) available for Web-based Profiles Professional users in Bruckenstein describes CFA to be a “customized, consumer friendly retirement calculator available to prospects”.
The Retirement CFA enables prospects to perform simple self-directed assessments on a unique, personalized website. Using a series of questions and interactive slider bars, prospects quickly see projections for their current situation and alternative strategies and are driven to contact the advisor for an appointment. The prospect’s contact and asset information are sent to the advisor as an email and as an alert in Profiles Professional. “CFA is non-threatening and informative, so it prompts prospects to ask for an advisor’s help” says Dr. Linda Strachan, EISI’s Senior Vice President of Product Marketing.

Bruckenstein explains that no other calculators available offer “the continuity of results and the seamless integration between Profiles Professional and Retirement CFA” or the ability to present projections in a slide show format such as using EISI’s Presentation Module.
Firms with multiple Profiles licenses can add on a Lead Management Tool where leads can be evaluated, distributed and monitored by the firm from a central location.

Unique URLs are provided to each individual Retirement CFA license, meaning advisors can differentiate their Retirement CFA from others by “choosing from multiple color schemes and customizing their text and the look of the contact information section. In addition, advisors can brand the CFA with their picture and logo”. Advisors can then “invite prospects to visit their Retirement CFA on websites, blogs, by email, and through social media sites” Bruckenstein writes.

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