Leveraging Intelligence to Assess the Cyber Threat Landscape

October is Cyber Security Awareness month. While it’s important to track cyber litigation, the impact of malware, how to respond to ransomware and the ever-present threat of phishing attempts, it’s even more vital that insurers take a deep dive into the most urgent cyber threats facing their organizations. If insurers are able to leverage intelligence appropriately, they can make some actionable decisions that help them and the organizations they insure.

Watch below to understand:

  • How insurance providers can deploy clear, actionable insight to their clients
  • How to demystify intelligence to appropriately apply the field in corporate/insurance/cyber insurance
  • Steps that organizations should implement controls based on relevant threat signals
  • Implementation process of risk mitigation strategies
  • The impacts of threat intelligence with underwriting and incident response
  • Some real examples of intelligence at work

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