How To Supercharge Your Broker Channel Partnership Engine

5500 data and email addresses aren’t enough.


It’s simple, data is not a solution it is a commodity. 5500 data, email addresses, office locations, and plan information are widely available in today’s data rich world. The question isn’t who has the best data, the question is who can support your channel strategy and drive the most revenue for your business?

Zywave is a pioneering this approach by bringing together providers, carriers, and brokers in meaningful ways to supercharge your channel partner engine. Channel programs are built on three pillars, data, engagement, and technology.

Join this live webinar event presented by Regional VP – Sales, Mike Roy, to learn about investing in your channel strategy with Zywave to unlock:

Easy access to data with real-time updates
Connections with brokers in their workflows
Open API to move data seamlessly between your workflows and theirs


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