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2024 Commercial Market Outlook Executive Summary

February 7, 2024
Over the last five years, the commercial insurance market has been contending with a hard marketplace which has made conditions difficult for insurance buyers. These […]

2024 Employee Benefits Market Outlook Executive Summary

February 7, 2024
2023 was a difficult year for many organizations. Rising health care costs, regulatory changes, continued high inflation, the still-competitive labor market and […]

Maximizing Producer Productivity Whitepaper

November 27, 2023
The insurance industry is experiencing a transformation. New business models. New products. New demands. New expectations. New technology. And, lots of new producers. […]

Connecting the Insurance Lifecycle Whitepaper

September 25, 2023
As the excess and surplus lines market continues to grow, the work and responsibility for pricing and placing quality business is felt across the entire insurance value […]

Magnetic Personality Whitepaper

June 27, 2023
You know how it works. Your policyholders purchase the coverage you offer through your distribution networks. Those distribution networks find new prospects to purchase […]

Insuring the Road Less Traveled

June 6, 2023
As technology continues to quickly advance and new industries emerge, the world is becoming a riskier place. Insurers are facing new challenges in their efforts to […]

Be A Leader, Not a Follower

April 27, 2023
Nearly all insurers offer similar products and services, with only slight variations of quality between different products, and little to no price variation. Consumers […]

Analysis Paralysis: The Struggle is Real

March 20, 2023
Insurance is one of the oldest industries, and consequently, one of the most traditional. While insurance is data-intensive, it falls behind other industries when it […]

The Importance of Data

February 7, 2023
Data makes the world go around. Data can change the world and the way we look at things. Data used to be thought of as something only accessible to huge companies with […]

Survey Results: Risk Managers Seek More Transparency, Strategy, and Innovation

June 8, 2022
What’s on the minds of property risk managers? There’s a lot going on in regards to coverage, rates, changing market conditions, the need for innovation, and more. […]

The Best Practices to Successful Prospecting

June 7, 2022
Prospecting is routinely viewed as an evil task and an incredible time sink by many professionals, but we all know you need to consistently fill the sales funnel with […]

Is it Time to Shake Up the Commercial Property Market?

May 3, 2022
Note: This article contains includes information from the AXA XL and Advisen whitepaper, “Changing the Commercial Property Underwriting Dynamic.” Natural disasters, […]

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