Category: Client Engagement Suite

Silent Clients, Loud Impact: Nurturing Profitable Customer Relationships

October 19, 2023
In the ever-competitive landscape of the insurance industry, success for insurers hinges on surpassing competitors in one or more of four crucial categories: price, […]

Magnetic Personality Whitepaper

June 27, 2023
You know how it works. Your policyholders purchase the coverage you offer through your distribution networks. Those distribution networks find new prospects to purchase […]

Client Engagement Suite Info Sheet

June 27, 2023
Insurers are responsible for more than writing and servicing policies. Regardless of their size or specialty, insurance providers must stay engaged with their insureds […]

Insuring the Road Less Traveled

June 6, 2023
As technology continues to quickly advance and new industries emerge, the world is becoming a riskier place. Insurers are facing new challenges in their efforts to […]

Be A Leader, Not a Follower

April 27, 2023
Nearly all insurers offer similar products and services, with only slight variations of quality between different products, and little to no price variation. Consumers […]

A New Approach to Policyholder Engagement

November 22, 2022
What are the biggest issues that face your organization? As an insurer, the most substantial business challenges you face probably center around three things: the […]

Improving Key Outcomes Through Policyholder Engagement

April 19, 2022
This LinkedIn Live will focus on how carriers can improve key outcomes (loss ratios, retention, premium) by helping policyholders take charge of their own risk […]

The Insurtech Gift Guide to Power Growth in 2022

December 7, 2021
It’s that time of year again! As we near the end of 2021, it’s always good to reflect back, celebrate the good things, and start to look forward to the new year. The […]

Building a Cohesive Strategy for Policyholder Engagement

November 4, 2021
Policyholders are not thrilled with their carriers and brokers. More contact is needed with policyholders outside of the trilogy of touchpoints for binding, renewals, […]

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