A Guide to Accelerating Your E&S Growth Strategy

Are you eyeing the dynamic Excess & Surplus (E&S) market for growth opportunities in 2024? Looking to move your capacity from a Lloyd’s Syndicate to an E&S Carrier, or MGA?

Kick off your 2024 strategy development with a webinar featuring industry experts, Greg Gaydos, Zywave’s Senior Business Development Executive, and Fay Reinhold-Shor, Regional Manager – Zywave UK. They will dive into how you can supercharge your E&S growth strategy and get ahead of your competition by investing in your own digital distribution.

In this 30-minute session you will learn more about digital distribution, get an in-depth understanding of the benefits of API-enabled solutions, and discover how you can leverage technology and data to amplify your own company’s expertise to grow in the international E&S market.


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