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RALLE Warehouse

Identify and quantify P&C cost savings for your clients

RALLE Warehouse


Expose Cost Drivers

Uncover root causes of auto, property, workers’ comp and general liability claims. Identify claims trends over five-year periods using the reporting features in RALLE® Warehouse.

Save Your Clients Money

Recommend strategic loss control actions and track cost savings over time. Show your clients how to protect their bottom line, so come renewal time, there’s no question about your value.

Become a Strategic Partner

Help clients make faster and more informed decisions about how to reduce their claims-related losses. Pair your analysis with the content in Broker Briefcase® P&C to deliver targeted, educational resources to your clients.

RALLE Warehouse


Easy-to-Understand Management Reports

RALLE transforms carriers’ hard-to-read loss run data into professional, easy-to-use reports. Generate clear and consistent loss runs over multiple policy periods in order to get a more complete picture of problem areas.

Normalize Data Across Coverage Lines

Changing carriers doesn’t have to mean a loss of data integrity. RALLE Warehouse normalizes the data for you, so you’re always comparing apples to apples over various years, locations and lines of coverage.

Centralized Location for Case Notes

Stop storing case notes in multiple locations. With RALLE Warehouse, you can store current valuations and case notes in one, easy-to-access location, helping to ensure you always stay on top of open claims.


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