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Help clients control rising health care costs



Show Your Clients How They Measure Up

Employers need to offer a competitive benefits package while also keeping costs in check. Help your clients uncover what’s driving their medical and prescription costs, and work with them to develop a strategy to boost recruitment and retention while also controlling costs.

Test Out Different Plan Designs

Help your clients understand how potential plan design changes could impact their bottom line. By modeling potential changes in advance, clients can better understand how their health care costs and premiums could change if they modified existing plans.

Help Employees Get More Out of Their Health Care Dollars

Open enrollment can be a confusing time for employees. Help your clients’ employees better understand their health plans options by providing them with our Plan Selector tool, so they can make wiser health care decisions during enrollment time.



Health Plan Design Benchmarking Data

Benchmark your clients’ health plan against 70,000 plans to show how they match up by region and industry. Identify gaps in their health plans that help them compete for and retain top talent.

Renewal Estimator Tool

Calculate projected health plan renewal costs based on trend, midpoint and large claim information. Make sure your clients are getting a fair renewal quote and effectively budgeting for future expenses.

Plan Selector Tool

Help your clients’ employees pick a plan that’s best for them and their family. With this tool, employees can enter their expected medical costs and get a recommendation on the best plan to fit their budget and unique health needs.

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