Decision Master® Warehouse

Drive growth with data claims analysis

Health plan premiums rise 5% on average annually, but plan increases can sometimes be even higher. Elevate your ability to consult in the area that your clients care most about—their health care costs.


Identify Health Plan Cost Drivers

Benchmark your group's medical and prescription utilization and costs against one of the largest normative sets in the country. Use our advanced analytics to illuminate potential problem areas.

Take the Fear Out of Data Analysis

Stop wasting your time with spreadsheets. With Decision Master Warehouse's interactive dashboards and reporting, you can quickly get to the who, why, where, what and when, so you can deliver targeted, cost-saving strategies.

Model Potential Plan Design Changes

Help clients make more educated decisions by test-driving alternative plan design options ahead of time. Assess how changes will affect both your client’s bottom line and their employees’ health care expenses.


Comprehensive Benchmarking

Our benchmarking data comes from one of the largest normative sets in the country, Truven Health Analytics and the Kaiser Family Foundation. Explore more than 60 categories, including total health plan costs, inpatient and outpatient claims, ER utilization and more.

Customizable Reporting

Once your analysis is complete, easily create branded, custom reports for each of your clients. Showcase your value by providing long-term, strategic plans with multi-year or multi-location reporting to help clients better understand how to control their health care costs.

Disease Profiler Tool

Leverage the Disease Profiler tool to show average costs of claims by disease category. Predict future costs, negotiate more accurate rates with stop-loss carriers, and design and implement a disease management program that best fits your client’s unique needs.


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