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Decision Master Warehouse + PlanAdvisor

Drive growth and help clients control rising health care costs with data claims analysis

Decision Master Warehouse + PlanAdvisor


Identify Health Plan Cost Drivers

Benchmark your group's medical and prescription utilization and costs against one of the largest normative data sets in the country. Use our advanced analytics to illuminate potential problem areas.

Take the Fear Out of Data Analysis

Stop wasting time with spreadsheets. With the interactive dashboards and reporting within Decision Master® Warehouse and PlanAdvisor®, you can quickly get to the who, why, where, what and when, so you can deliver targeted, cost-saving strategies and helpful insight into choosing a plan.

Help Employees Get More Out of Their Health Care Dollars

Open enrollment can be a confusing time for employees. Help your clients’ employees better understand their health care options by providing them with our Plan Selector tool, so they can make wiser decisions during enrollment time.

Decision Master Warehouse + PlanAdvisor


Comprehensive Benchmarking

Show your clients how their health plans match up by region and industry. Explore more than 60 categories, including total health plan costs, inpatient and outpatient claims, ER utilization and more. Identify gaps in their health plans to help them compete for and retain top talent.

Renewal Estimator

Calculate projected health plan renewal costs based on trend, midpoint and large claim information. Use this data to ensure clients are getting a fair renewal quote and effectively budgeting for future expenses.

Customizable Reporting

Once your analysis is complete, easily create branded, custom reports for your clients. Showcase your value by providing strategic plans with multi-year or multi-location reporting to help clients better understand how to manage their health care costs.


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