Who We Are

Our vision statement:

Zywave offers creative, high-impact solutions through information technology and services to sustain and grow profitable market share in a dynamic environment for its business partners.

Front Office

Our Story

In summer of 2014, a group of Zywave leaders sat down to discuss a brand two decades in the making. We knew our company had a personality and we wanted to better present that – plus wanted to formalize our dedication and commitment to customers and ensure every independent insurance brokerage knew what Zywave stood for.

So what does Zywave stand for? The interesting thing about this meeting was that it didn’t take Zywave leaders long to define our brand; we already had a clear focus of who we are. Zywave revolves around two main principles: partnership and driving results for our customers. In fact, we call our customers “partners” because we aren’t just a technology vendor; we partner with each customer to help you grow your business. Being born from an insurance agency ourselves, our expertise and commitment to the industry runs deep.

The Zywave leaders also crafted a new tagline, which became the interpretation of our commitment to our customers.

Your expertise. Our solutions. Success.

The independent insurance industry is a strong force; our role is to help you on your path to success. As the insurance industry has changed, so has Zywave – and in some cases we’ve led that change to help the industry adapt to market disruptions. Our customers’ challenges are our own. Your success is our own. We are in this together, helping our customers crush it every day.

Our evolution

Zywave stems from the business unit of a large Midwest insurance firm who pioneered the first software-as-a-service, or SaaS, insurance claims data tool. SaaS was barely an emerging concept in 1992, but the tool was highly successful. In 1995, the business unit went independent and the newly formed Zywave began offering insurance brokers first-to-market, mission-critical software rooted in industry expertise.
With deep industry insight, Zywave’s focus on providing clients innovative ways to differentiate and grow their business evolved into insurance broker marketing communications, agency automation, client portal and data analytics technology tools that continue to set the industry standard. In 2010, Zywave acquired Specific Software Solutions to offer clients workers’ comp mod analysis as a point of competitive differentiation.

Zywave today

With scalable software potent enough for the world’s largest insurance agencies, yet easy and impactful enough for a one-man shop, thousands of professionals today retain a powerful edge with innovative Zywave software tools.