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Wednesday, January 12, 2022
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Flo. The Gecko. Mayhem. If you’ve ever seen a television ad for insurance, you probably know exactly which insurance carriers these characters represent.

That instant brand recognition comes from millions of dollars spent on advertising – and it is part of why carriers such as Progressive, Geico and Allstate have become household names. But it is not the only reason. Over decades, consumers have also come to know, trust and depend on these carriers. As a smaller insurance carrier, how can you compete with these mega-players in the carrier market, especially if you don’t have the advertising dollars to compete? You have to build a reputation that can compete with the big guys, and Zywave can help. Let’s talk about how.

Overcoming the Awareness Gap

You are ready to compete with mega carriers in the insurance industry and boost your brand’s reputation – which means you need to build awareness and close the awareness gap between you and your competition. There are three essential factors that you need to consider when trying to close the gap:

  • Are your prices competitive?
  • Are you providing exceptional customer service to both your broker partners and your policyholders?
  • How are you consistently proving your resourcefulness to your broker partners and policyholders?

Pricing and customer service are not new concepts to your organization. If you aren’t competitive on price and responsive to your consumer’s needs, you’re probably hearing about it. But what you might not be hearing about is whether or not you’re acting as a year-round resource.

Prove Your Value

Your policyholders and prospects have questions related to insurance coverage, compliance, and regulations. If you’re expecting them to find the answers from their broker or from Google, you’re missing out.

As an insurance carrier, you have the opportunity to prove yourself to be a valuable, trusted partner by helping clients and prospects stay educated before questions even arise. Topics you can cover include:

  • Understanding the insurance process
  • Being a good steward and avoiding claims
  • Current events and industry news that may impact insurance rates and service procedures

The more you keep your policyholders informed, the more they will come to trust you and view you as a partner they can’t afford to lose.

Content Made Easy

So, you know it’s essential to keep your consumers educated. But how can you do that? It’s all about content – whether it’s articles, infographics, or videos. And having content to send to your consumers doesn’t have to be complicated, thanks to Zywave.

Zywave’s industry-leading content tools make it easy for you to curate, brand, and monitor thousands of different content pieces on hundreds of different topics. All of our content is attorney-verified and ready to send, without any extra time investment from you and your team. Zywave’s platform can even automatically schedule and deploy content pieces to your policyholders and prospects, thanks to dynamic distribution tools.

Everything you need to help build your brand and prove yourself to be a trusted, resourceful partner can be found in Zywave’s content resources.

You’re ready to compete with the big guys in the insurance industry – so make sure your brand has a reputation that can stand up to theirs. To learn more about Zywave’s content tools, click here.

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