Provide your clients with tools that empower employees to make informed health plan choices. Includes plan design modeling, cost and utilization information, and plan design benchmarking reports.

Employee enrollment software and decision-making tool

  • Benchmark health claims data.
  • Negotiate better renewals.
  • Deliver bottom-line benefits to clients.

Offer business insight, uncover actionable problem areas and prove your impact on the bottom line.

Drive bottom-line savings

Use health and Rx claims data to uncover cost drivers. Benchmark costs and utilization against 30 million lives nationwide. Deliver solutions to control costs with plan design modeling.
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Secure more renewals

Arm yourself with data to negotiate better renewals. Support consumerism with an employee enrollment decision-making tool.
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PlanAdvisor Features

Deliver dynamic, branded reports that highlight comparisons. Benchmark against nearly 70,000 plans nationwide. Feel confident in challenging a renewal quote. Address cost drivers with plan design changes. Offer an open enrollment employee support tool.
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Leverage Unparalleled Support

Get up and running easily – our implementation experts load your data, train your agency and help you customize the system. Zywave also provides guidance every step of the way with on-going support from in-house experts.

"We picked up two new accounts using the Plan Advisor reports and plan modeling tool, before we even finished training!"

Zywave Partner
South Carolina