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Deliver 24/7 expert guidance to your clients

Introducing the Employee Handbook Builder

Save your clients’ time and demonstrate your value by offering them our Employee Handbook Builder. With this tool, your clients can create custom employee handbooks from 180 different templates simply by answering a few quick questions.



Save Time with Online Servicing

Put more time back in your day by providing your clients with a 24/7, online portal. By allowing your clients to self-serve, they can get the benefits and P&C information they need around the clock.

Provide Robust HR Guidance

Whether your clients need help with hiring, onboarding, terminations or sample policies, the HR Content Library (powered by HR360™) has all the resources you need to help your clients do their jobs more effectively.

Leverage Interactive HR & Compliance Tools

Prove how your agency is different from the shop down the street. Use the interactive tools in the Toolbox—including our Performance Review Builder, Health Plan Compliance Calendar, OSHA Log and more—to set your agency apart.



Thousands of On-Demand Resources

Provide your clients with the thousands of pieces of content available through Broker Briefcase® to support their unique business needs, including industry-specific safety manuals, forms, policies and more.

Attorney-Backed Compliance Resources

Whether your clients need help with the ACA, COBRA, federal posters or OSHA, MyWave's Toolbox has the compliance tools you need to add value to your client relationships without adding to your workload.

Salary Benchmarking & Total Compensation Tools

In today’s tight labor market, it’s essential that you’re doing everything possible to help clients retain and attract top talent. By providing clients with access to the Salary Benchmarking and Total Compensation tools in MyWave's Toolbox, you can help them better manage employee compensation.


“Their relief was incredible with MyWave Elements. The client couldn’t stop thanking us!”

“We’ve had great feedback on the Elements site as well. Clients are using it often.”


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