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Tested, Tried, True: Why Cornerstone Group chooses HRconnection Logo

Tested, Tried, True: Why Cornerstone Group chooses HRconnection

Meet Frank Mayer from Cornerstone Group! Frank and his team realized they needed more than just some “one-trick pony” benefits administration software, they needed a robust system with tightly integrated applications for an ultimate user experience to really compete. That’s why Frank and Cornerstone chose HRconnection.
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Winning New Business and Retaining Current Clients with Zywave Logo

Winning New Business and Retaining Current Clients with Zywave

Meet Agency Owner Kurt Buursma from the Buursma Agency! He has a wide array of benefits tools from Zywave that help his small agency in Holland, MI compete with the big guys—and win. We break down exactly how each of his tools impact his business on a daily basis, and give some insight into exactly […]
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Winning with ModMaster Logo

Winning with ModMaster

Meet Dick York, VP at Crest Insurance in Tucson, AZ! As a champion of ModMaster, he took it upon himself to make sure all producers knew how imperative the tool was to differentiating, winning new business and retaining current clients. Learn more about how he won a $56,000 in premium account.
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Driving Growth with Intygral Logo

Driving Growth with Intygral

Since 2011, Integrity Insurance Agency’s book of business has grown to roughly 1,500 clients, and Marshall’s database includes thousands more prospects. Marshall knew he had to start putting a true sales process in place so that he and his team could capture and nurture inbound leads, improve their closing ratio, re-engage lost opportunities and scale […]
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Lynn, Hall, Marose, & Silveus Logo

Lynn, Hall, Marose, & Silveus

Lynn wanted something that was going to take him from simply being a salesperson to being a technician—someone who researches, analyzes and speaks to the real-world issues of each client. Lynn needed to differentiate from the competition, compete with larger agencies and build an attractive and relevant value proposition. With more than 5,300 pieces of educational, informational and marketing content, Lynn relied on Broker Briefcase to give him that edge.
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How Ellison Christopher retained and protected key clients in a highly competitive market Logo

How Ellison Christopher retained and protected key clients in a highly competitive market

When an agent of record (AOR) request letter came across Bryan’s desk from one of the larger accounts in his book of business, he was confused. He had a very strong relationship with the HR manager at this establishment, and he even had contact with the CFO and CEO. Their business had been growing, and […]
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How a Tennessee agency controls its organic growth with Intygral Logo

How a Tennessee agency controls its organic growth with Intygral

Tanya needed help with the most common agency challenges: lost leads and missed sales opportunities, lack of formalized workflows, inefficient task management for producers, and ineffective measurement and reporting on results. With no formal process to capture revenue, and realizing that money was being left on the table, Tanya turned to Intygral.
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The Richards Group Logo

The Richards Group

Simply put, The Richards Group lost a bid to a competitor, and not because of cost savings or service. They lost this bid because that competitor was backed by Zywave. The winning competitor showed the client the functionality they had thanks to Zywave products. Following the loss of this client, The Richards Group decided to […]
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Broker finds success with Intygral Logo

Broker finds success with Intygral

A family-run agency in Georgia was left to the owner’s daughters. A shift in consumer behavior led these second-generation owners to seek out a new way to increase leads and grow revenue. Their current system didn’t allow for any marketing or sales process improvement, making it hard to attract and engage quality leads. The new […]
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Gilroy, Kernan & Gilroy, Inc. Logo

Gilroy, Kernan & Gilroy, Inc.

Sarah Westfall of GKG wanted to redesign their agency's MyWave Elements portal to align with a rebrand, while highlighting some points of differentiation. A Zywave Partner Relations rep walked her through the process and helped her with tips and best practices as she worked to boost engagement.
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Ollis & Company Logo

Ollis & Company

Using Zywave products, Ollis & Company is able to prospect and retain clients effectively.Their high utilization of Zywave products contributes to their success.
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Reliance Partners Logo

Reliance Partners

When Eric Campbell started working at Reliance Partners, he realized that ModMaster would be a valuable asset and that Reliance Partners needed this tool to capitalize on current opportunities and build their agency strategy around workers' comp.
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Burkwald & Associates Logo

Burkwald & Associates

At Burkwald & Associates, a benefits agency, their goal is to maximize thier investment in employee benefits through careful analysis, strategic plan design, clear communication and an emphasis on wellness. Learn how Burkwald & Associates has had success with several Zywave products.
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Offenhauser & Co. Logo

Offenhauser & Co.

Four years ago, Offenhauser & Co. started consulting one of the largest milk co-operatives in the U.S. Using Broker Briefcase P&C, Offenhauser was able to win the large account and provide valuable services to the client.
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Schwarz Insurance Logo

Schwarz Insurance

As a large, full service agency located in Wisconsin, Schwarz writes a variety of coverages. Ashley Schulenburg wanted to make sure that they were getting the most out of their Zywave tools, so she attended Broker Briefcase Partner Certification.
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Shenandoah Valley Group Logo

Shenandoah Valley Group

Wanting to retain an edge in West Virginia's unique health care market, David Barton purchased several Zywave solutions one year ago.
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Hardenbergh Insurance Group Logo

Hardenbergh Insurance Group

In the last 3-5 years, Hardenbergh Insurance Group made an intentional shift towards larger accounts and invested in personnel Zywave products to help capture this market.
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Faison Group Logo

Faison Group

With a unique approah to benefits and wellness plans, Faison Group has used Zywave solutions to maximize their market share and has won several large accounts.
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SilverStone Group Logo

SilverStone Group

Using Zywave solutions for over 10 years, SilverStone Group has experienced success on both the benefits and property and casualty side of their business.
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Orgill/Singer & Associates Logo

Orgill/Singer & Associates

Orgill/Singer saw a need to target more prospects and took on a new challenge: email and social media marketing - with the help of Broker Briefcase.
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Home Loan & Investment Company Logo

Home Loan & Investment Company

When a current client of HLIC approached the agency for specific resources topics including OSHA, loss control, and workers’ comp, the agency didn’t have a solution. After searching for the right fit, they found Broker Briefcase.
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World Insurance Association Logo

World Insurance Association

When World Insurance Association made the decision to purchase Zywave solutions, they recognized the ever-changing benefits landscape and wanted access to technology to best support client needs.
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SDL Brokerage Logo

SDL Brokerage

SDL’s clients have primarily been on the group health side, but in the wake of health care reform, were looking to grow the P&C side of their business. Broker Briefcase helped them win bigger accounts on both sides of the business.
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Muneris Benefits Logo

Muneris Benefits

Muneris Benefits was looking to not only survive health care reform, but thrive in the changing market, when they purchased Broker Briefcase. Today, they feel they are better positioned than ever to grow and succeed.
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Coverra Insurance Services, Inc. Logo

Coverra Insurance Services, Inc.

Small Wisconsin agency Coverra Insurance found success expanding into multiple industries throughout the state using Zywave solutions. Eight of their ten largest accounts to date are thanks to Zywave tools.
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