Outperform competitors with workers' comp experience mod analysis.

  • Deliver trusted, accurate experience mod analyses
  • Show premium costs of each workers' comp claim
  • Promote agency brand
  • Provide strategies to improve the mod and lower costs

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Outperform the competition
  • Go beyond the low bid—position yourself as the mod expert.
  • Prove the cost savings you can help prospects acheive.
  • Compete with larger agencies and differentiate your brand.
Empower clients to lower costs
  • Open clients’ eyes to the impact of the mod.
  • Identify cost drivers and trends with sophisticated analysis.
  • Provide strategies to improve the mod and save clients money.
Lock in retention
  • Deliver long-term cost reduction to make a lasting impact on the client’s bottom line.
  • Support a safety culture, return to work and more with a library of resources.
  • Help clients plan for future costs.

Get the total solution


Offer business insight, uncover actionable problem areas and prove your impact on total workers' compensation costs.

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