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Zywave’s Take: Brokers must embrace reinvention

Wednesday, April 5, 2017
Written By
Kristen Gombar

Have you seen this article, penned by Jack Kwicien of Daymark Advisors LLC., on employeebenefitadviser.com titled “Brokers must embrace reinvention”? If you haven’t, we think you should.

This article reminds us of what we have been preaching for years, but it’s another thing to read it straight from a peer. These are challenging times for the independent broker, but Jack says it best when he states:


“…you can focus on what you can control and what you can positively influence, and apply yourself intelligently to achieve sales success.”


A couple things really stand out in this article…

Repeating the same old message and expecting a different client reaction will just not cut it.

Are you truly making an effort to differentiate yourself from the same old “great service”? Great service is expected. What are you offering that the shop down the street isn’t? And what about those marketing materials. Do you even have any and are you staying relevant? Broker Briefcase is your mighty marketing engine, and your dedicated Partner Relationship Consultant is your knight in shining armor.

You need to focus on your clients’ needs and become much more consultative in your approach.

With the Total Support Spectrum, Zywave makes this a heck of a lot easier. Do you only provide insurance guidance? That’s not going to cut it in today’s industry. It’s time to understand what it means to off a full spectrum of solutions.

Ensuring the alignment of HR initiatives and corporate business strategy has never been more important.

Wellness. Consumerism. Are you prepared to be speaking to your clients and prospects about the hottest trends in benefits? Broker Briefcase and HRconnection will get you there.


Our mission is to help you embrace reinvention with ease. If you haven’t already, take a few minutes to talk with one of our reps today.

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