About this webinar

Zywave, Inc. is pleased to host a live webinar event: “Uncovering Cost-savings Opportunities for Your Clients”. Our presenters will be Andrew Fuchs and Michelle Jackson, resident analytics specialists at Zywave.

According to Zywave’s 2017 Broker Services Survey, 77% of employers are looking for a broker to have the ability to compare plans/coverages to benchmark data. This adds to the already full plate of demands a broker faces each day when it comes to saving their clients time and money in order to obtain and retain.

Join Andrew and Michelle as they discuss how to help employers uncover cost-savings opportunities by using medical and prescription claims analytics that benchmark against Truven norms and display these key performance indicators to clients without having to show a lot of data.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
  1. How to use claims analytics to save your clients money
  2. Key performance indicators that employers care about
  3. How to present cost-opportunities to current and prospective clients