About this webinar:
Zywave, Inc. is pleased to host a live webinar event, “Clear Path to the Future”, hosted by Roger Sitkins, CEO of Sitkins Groups, Inc. Roger has trained and mentored thousands of insurance professionals looking to stand out in this ever-changing industry. As the author of “Winning Strategies,” a monthly column published in more than 150 issues of Rough Notes, Roger is committed to being an advocate and coach for the future of insurance.
Everyone knows that change is happening faster now than ever in the world of insurance, from digital disruption, to carrier compression, increased competition, and continued commoditization. Add in staffing concerns and it’s pretty scary to most agency owners.  However, to a select few, this is a very exciting time to be in our business! Join Roger as he brings clarity to what is limiting agency growth, a view to a brighter future, and focus to what behaviors and strategies will help keep your bottom line top of mind.
In this webinar, you will learn:
  1. What’s limiting your organic growth
  2. A view to a bigger, better and brighter future
  3. Behaviors and strategies to help you focus on the future