About this webinar:

Zywave, Inc. is pleased to host a live webinar event: “Jeff Hill Presents: Employee Benefits Communication in a Mobile World”. Our presenter will be Jeff Hill, President/Founder of eTekhnos, the nation’s only benefit industry-focused web design and internet marketing agency as well as an industry leader in providing custom client benefit portals.

Consistently communicating through platforms like mobile-friendly websites, SMS/text-based reminders and social media profiles are the next generation of employee engagement. The benefit/HR world stands to benefit greatly from leveraging technology for this need as these are tools employees are already using and value.

Join Jeff as he focuses on a high-level use of technology for the benefits industry and preparing for the future of employee communications.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
  1. How to adopt social media within your agency
  2. How to make your website mobile friendly and its benefits
  3. New ways to communicate to the next generation