About this webinar:

Selling commercial insurance is difficult. There are so many forms, codes and coverages required for every single risk. That is why so many new P&C producers struggle and fail to win new business. This costs agencies money and hurts results.

Zywave can solve this problem with P&C OneSource inside Broker Briefcase. P&C OneSource features thousands of resources designed to help new and experienced producers self-educate on any commercial business in any industry. It features content from industry leaders like IRMI, ISO, Rough Notes and more.

Pair this with Broker Briefcase’s industry-leading resources and new producers have everything they need to start selling faster.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  1. How to overcome the challenges new P&C producers face
  2. The impact failed producers can have on agency operations
  3. The tools available in P&C OneSource
  4. How P&C OneSource can help onboard new commercial producers faster