About this webinar:
Brokers of today are able to reach their clients and market themselves in more ways than ever before. With an ever-growing list of tools at their disposal, agencies often wonder how they can create more impactful web, social media, and branded content. In fact, because your clients have instantaneous access to information through their laptops, smartphones, and tablets, it’s crucial for businesses to find new ways to reach their customers and stand out from the crowd.
That’s where our webinar—Great Employee Communications Fuels Impactful Agency Marketing—can help. In this session, you will learn how to build a solid content strategy from the ground up, helping you create new, compelling marketing materials and even leverage the resources you already have at your disposal. Our industry expert, Jeff Hill, CEO of eTekhnos Benefits Technology (the nation’s only benefit industry-focused web design and internet marketing agency), will walk you through the steps to consider when creating timely and valuable marketing pieces.
Specifically, using his 20-plus years of experience, Hill will teach you how to craft content to generate new business, retain existing customers and grow your agency.
In this webinar, you will learn:
  1. What a successful agency marketing strategy looks like
  2. The keys to creating and posting effective content
  3. How to take advantage of your growing audience to grow your prospect list