About this webinar:
Cyber security is a growing concern for every organization. There are constantly new threats and hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated in their methods. New stories continue to arise showing major corporations suffering devastating data breaches that impact their reputation and their bottom line.
Join our VP of IT, Bill Krause, as he discusses the insurance industry’s cyber security landscape and provides strategies to keep your organization protected.
Presenting along with Bill will be John Cruikshank, Principal Software Architect and Director of Product Development, and Andrew Pease, Product Manager. Join them as they discuss how Zywave combats cyber threats by building products to ensure our partners can keep their clients’ valuable data secure.
During this webinar, you’ll learn:
  1. What are the biggest cyber security threats facing the insurance industry
  2. How to protect your business and your clients from threats
  3. What is the impact of recent cyber security regulations