Ollis & Company

Location: Springfield, MO
Zywave Products: Broker Briefcase BenefitsBroker Briefcase P&CModMaster


Ollis & Company is a medium-sized agency located in Springfield, Mo. A longtime Zywave user, Ollis & Company has had much success with products such as ModMaster and both Broker Briefcase P&C and Broker Briefcase Benefits. Ollis and Company has high internal utilization, with each of their 32 employees having access. “Producers, account managers and the executives all use Zywave. We have some who log in as many as 30 to 40 times per month,” says Kevin Robbins, Director of Sales.


With their combination of Zywave products, Ollis and Company is able to prospect and retain effectively. At every midterm review for P&C clients, Ollis Advisors use ModMaster to help forecast what the client’s year-end mod might look like and to give them an indication of things that they can do to impact claims history. “We really focus in on a strong safety program,” says Robbins. The Advisor then ties in the findings with resources from Broker Briefcase, such as safety materials, tangibles for their clients to post around the office, and other items to make sure employees are keeping safety first and forefront in their minds so they can positively impact claims scenarios. Additionally, using ModMaster analysis, Ollis and Company employees are able to target specific types of claims and train and educate clients based on frequency and severity-type claims.

Ollis and Company also heavily relies on Zywave for prospecting activities. Materials from Broker Briefcase can be found in 80 to 90 percent of the agency’s proposals. This allows Ollis and Company to strengthen their pitch and gain new accounts. Robbins says, “We have been able to win some of our biggest opportunities using material from Broker Briefcase, showing the prospect that we provide professional, up-to-date materials so they can stay ahead of changes.”


One of Robbins’ favorite parts of Broker Briefcase is the automatic drip marketing campaigns. “It is so easy to set up a year’s worth of material that impacts clients at different times of the year – flooding, wind, freezing pipes – preparing our clients in advance rather than waiting until it happens.”

Robbins says that the biggest advantage of having Zywave solutions is that rather than the account manager or producer typing up resources themselves, the information that clients want and need is available at their fingertips, put together accurately and professionally. “It’s a real timesaver and has assisted with retention,” Robbins says.

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