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Solutions for PEOs, ASOs and HCM Service Providers

Integrated technology to streamline your front and back office operations and simplify your workflows

Pair cutting-edge HR and Risk Management applications with industry-leading content to simplify your tech stack and better serve your clients.

It’s time to drastically change the way you think of technology solutions. No longer do you need to identify multiple point solutions to meet the needs of your service teams & clients – instead exceed their needs and expectations all within one platform from Zywave. Zywave’s HCM Services Suite is changing the HCM landscape by providing the first blended front and back office solution. In a world where technology and content need to co-exist, no one else can offer the width of HR, Compliance and Risk Management solutions paired with a robust content engine. Don’t settle for another offering from a technology vendor, instead align your business and your goals with a technology partner to ensure you maximize your internal efficiencies and stay competitive in how you serve your clients.

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Solutions Built for HCM Service Providers

Compliance & Risk Management

Prove your worth as a trusted advisor by helping your clients navigate the complex world of compliance and risk management. You have access to tools and a content library to help them maintain compliance and avoid potential penalties.

  • Demonstrate your value by providing branded content to help answer their compliance and risk management questions
  • Help your clients easily track incidents, store data and generate OSHA-compliant reports in a few simple steps
  • Help your clients mitigate their exposures and promote compliance by leveraging innovative tools and apps
  • Simplify document compliance for you and your clients

Client Self-Service Portal

Offer your clients the content, tools and resources they need—all in one place With these solutions, you can:

  • Save time by providing access to a 24/7 online portal, empowering your clients to find the resources they need around the clock
  • Deliver robust guidance with the industry’s widest selection of HR, benefits, safety, risk management and compliance content
  • Promote your brand with customized logo and color scheme options

People Management

Extend your value with applications centered around your client’s biggest investment—their employees. Access to HR Apps and resources people need to do their jobs more effectively, along with access to a team of experienced HR professionals who are ready to answer pressing business questions.

  • Streamline workflow by using applications and resources they need to effectively manage HR functions
  • Empower your service teams to help clients build custom employee handbooks in minutes, regardless of location or company details

Employee Benefits Content

Empower your team with the industry's largest library of employee benefits resources. Complete with videos, guides, checklists and more, there is a solution for every HR, wellness, employee benefits and compliance concern.

  • Help clients better communicate with their employees about open enrollment and benefits plans
  • Comprehensive HR resources that offer insights to your employee benefits clients into everything from hiring and onboarding to offboarding and terminations
  • Trusted compliance guidance on everything relating to ERISA, DOL, ACA, FMLA and COBRA
  • Create a culture of health and wellness with a dynamic collection of resources

Risk Management Content

The industry’s widest library of Risk Management resources designed by industry experts to cover any commercial insurance issue, including risk management, workers’ comp, safety and compliance.

  • Create a culture of safety by providing resources that help workers avoid injuries on the job
  • Help clients mitigate risks and control exposures by delivering consultative risk management content
  • Trusted compliance guidance on everything OSHA, DOL, FMCSA and more

Content Distribution

Expand the reach of your content by distributing it through Zywave's Content Cloud

  • Access to network of more than 3,500 brokers
  • Ability to set preferred audience for each content asset
  • Enhanced methods for brokers to surface content
  • Dynamic reporting to measure adoption and engagement

PEOs, ASOs and HCM Service Providers


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Content Access
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