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Quote multiple carriers fast and accurately

All the Carriers You Need in One Comparative Rater

The most valuable service you can offer your customers is finding the coverage needed for the best price through analyzing several carriers. TurboRater makes it easy to provide this analysis within seconds of the customer’s request.

Type the quote information into TurboRater, and built-in underwriting rules are applied automatically, so you receive multiple, accurate quotes instantly. Stop spending time entering quote information into multiple carrier websites, and decrease the opportunity for data entry errors.



Increase Revenue

Decreasing the time to quote a policy enables your producers and CSRs more time to focus on new sales and retention. With TurboRater’s comparative rater, you will increase your agency’s revenue and improve client satisfaction. Plus, the ease of one-time data entry helps reduce errors and employee training and onboarding time.

Save Time

Why should getting a quote take any longer than 4 seconds? Help your clients find the best combination of coverage and price in under 4 seconds with TurboRater with automated processes, single-entry data forms, and access to a comprehensive list of carriers. Leave duplicate work in the past.

Improve Efficiency

If you write a variety of risks, you need a rating platform that can help you rate all those different risks. You need TurboRater, the industry’s leading personal lines comparative rater that helps producers and CSRs provide quotes quickly and accurately to help you become more efficient.



Simple Quote Entry to Hundreds of Carriers

With more than 225 carriers available and accurate rates for auto, homeowners, condominium, renters, dwelling, fire, and motorcycle policies, you can quickly quote the coverage your clients need.

Real-Time Rates & Built-in Underwriting

With a direct connection to hundreds of carriers, you can feel confident in the rates you receive on the platform. Underwriting rules are built into TurboRater. If a risk is unacceptable, a message will display explaining why. If prior approval is needed, the quote will be noted accordingly.

Extensive Reporting

Track your agency's success with extensive quote reports. From closing ratios by producer or location to what companies are quoted the most, you can access the data you need to track the success and failures of your agency.


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