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Technology Integrations

Allow client data to flow freely between your tech stack and Zywave’s leading offerings

Open architecture improves client data efficiency

To maximize your technology investment, it is key that your solutions integrate and “talk with one another” to avoid repetition and potential errors.

Here at Zywave, we strongly believe in creating products built on the foundation of an open platform and integration. This philosophy allows our users to expand the reach of their technology. Connect Zywave’s Sales Cloud with the agency management systems, CRM systems, and other tech systems listed below or with others you and your team already may have purchased.

Features of

Technology Integrations


Simplify contact management by synchronizing accounts, account contacts, and custom integration entities like medical, dental and vision plans, as well as enrollment and benefit items from Salesforce into Zywave’s Sales Cloud

Employee Navigator

Streamline the delivery of benefits and HR processes by synching your accounts, account contacts, plans ‒ including class, census, pricing tiers and benefit items ‒ into Zywave’s Sales Cloud

Gen4 Systems

Facilitate the flow of client data between your accounts and account contacts from Gen4 Systems into Zywave’s Sales Cloud

Benefits Guide

Consolidate client data from your Benefits Guide accounts, account contacts, plans (including medical, dental and vision), and 15 in-network and 15 out-of-network benefit items into Zywave’s Sales Cloud


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