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Next Big Blogging Secret: Why You Should Use Long Tail Keywords

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Written by Digital Content Team

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Creating unique, credible, and valuable content is no easy task. It takes hard work, planning, and a strategy. You have the expertise and the tools to create content that pleases your audience and search engines, but you want to know how you can do more – you want the secret to being better than the best.

Read on…

Find Long Tail Keywords

Your interest was piqued when we discussed the significance of using long tail keywords. These are keywords that generally have lower competition compared to “head terms” – enabling you to better optimize for them.

So how can you find these long tail keywords?

The same way you would find any keyword term, you want to start with long tail keyword research.

Here are some options you can consider:

1. Google’s Keyword Planner Tool – You must be signed in to a gmail account to use it. Type in a search term or phrase that piques your interest. It could be one word or it could be a topic. Then, look at what comes up in the “keyword ideas” tab and filter it by competition. You will notice that long tail keywords will have lower competition, start there and branch your ideas out – keep searching.
2. Ubersuggest – This tool allows you to scrape Google’s autosuggest function. Use this to search your topic ideas and gauge what long tail keywords are being searched for on the Internet
3. Google Trends – Do you want to know what people are talking about? Google Trends allows you to decipher what is popular. * Pro Tip: Use a trend you find and search for a long tail keyword using Google’s Keyword Planner Tool.

For the more advanced content masters out there, I recommend using some other avenues:

  • Use your audience’s questions as long tail keywords – if they are asking you, they are likely going to type that question into the search bar.
  • Leverage the power of social media: What are people talking about on social media, what are they asking? These can be keywords, too!

Why Should I Use Long Tail Keywords?

Aside from all of the reasons provided about competition and search volume, the long and short of why you should use long tail keywords is simple: Google users searching long tail keywords are, statistically, more likely to do a few things:

1. Convert (if the long tail keyword phrase is highly related to an insurance product) – This is because these users are generally further along in their purchasing process.
2. Remain on your page – Due to the specificity of long tail keywords, users are going to search and find more relevant and engaging content. This makes your content more valuable to them and they are less likely to “bounce” off your page. This is good for you, your search engine ranking, and your clients!
3. Find your page – Once again, due to the specificity of a long tail keyword term, users are more likely to find your page based on their search. Add that to all of the other reasons (keep them there, convert them) and you’ve got a dream process, right?

Incorporate these keywords NATURALLY into your blog posts, press releases, website content, and even social media updates! Remember, like all of your content marketing strategies, you want to combine this with a healthy strategy all around. You’ve got the tools for success, now get out there and use them!

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