Plan Doc Builder®

Create ERISA-compliant plan documents. Help clients prepare for a DOL audit.

ERISA SPD and wrap document builder

  • Assist with client compliance needs.
  • Create ERISA-required SPDs, SMMs and SBCs instantly.
  • Support client questions with ease.

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Create and edit plan documents in minutes

Step-by-step wizard automates the creation of plan documents, SPDs, SMMs, and SBCs, saving both time and money.
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Become a trusted resource

Plan Doc Builder’s Knowledge Base addresses over 200 different questions specific to plan documents and compliance rules. Differentiate yourself from the competition by positioning yourself as a trusted ERISA resource.
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Support with employer education

Take your service to the next level and ensure retention. Proactively inform your clients about DOL audits and updated compliance guidance with Broker Briefcase.
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Instant compliance guidelines

Compliance updates are distributed to all users, notifying them that their plans documents need to be changed. We keep up with new guidance so you can focus on servicing your customers.
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Help clients avoid DOL penalties

Documents created via Plan Doc Builder consistently pass DOL plan audits without issue. Help your clients avoid fines and violations with the tool proven to pass DOL audits.

"Head and shoulders above anything else, this gives clients the most value as fast as possible."

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Leverage Unparalleled Support

Get up and running easily – our implementation experts load your data, train your agency and help you customize the system. Zywave also provides guidance every step of the way with on-going support from in-house experts.

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Content that Counts

Check out an example wrap document, generated by Plan Doc Builder.

Webinar: Beware the DOL Audit

32% of businesses audited by the DOL incurred fines of $10,000 or more. Demonstrate your value. Learn how to help clients avoid these costly fines.