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Infographic – 10 Dysfunctions of an Insurance Agency

Thursday, September 19, 2013
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Partner Relations Team

As local insurance agencies begin to review their strategic plans for 2014, it’s important to keep in mind the areas a business that can stifle growth.

Zywave, a digital marketing software provider for local insurance agencies, created an infographic that shows ten dysfunctions an insurance agency should be aware of, and how to correct those issues.

Over the course of three years, the Zywave training team worked with 229 local insurance agencies to assess and improve their business work flows. They found some interesting negative trends, like the fact that many agencies have a reactionary “service” culture that hinders their ability to create new sales opportunities. They also found that local insurance agencies either did not have a CRM system or were not properly utilizing their software to create and manage leads.

Learn how to solve these dysfunctions with this infographic:

Infographic - 10 Dysfunctions of an Insurance Agency

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