Trick or Treat! October Social Media Topics for Your Candy Bucket

As the final quarter of the fiscal year starts, keep your momentum going on your social media. Because of the beautiful weather and special holidays, people are going to be sharing a lot on their social media, so join the party! Here are some ideas to get started:

  1. Does your area have a local farmers market? Does it have a fruit picking farm in the area? Keep your followers updated on the local happenings in the area in October.
  2. Motorcycle season is coming to an end, so share some tips with your followers on trips they should take. Also encourage them to get off the bike when the weather gets unsafe.
  3. #MotivationalMonday idea: “A clear and innocent conscience fears nothing.” Queen Elizabeth I (Born September 7, 1533)
  4. What are you going to be for Halloween? Be sure to share the costumes around your agency to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve with your followers. Also share the best and spookiest Halloween decoration.
  5. October is also Stamp Collecting Month, and your social media account is perfect for sharing stamps you have seen that you like.
  6. Insurance #TipTuesday idea: Transportation business may just need occupational accident coverage rather than workers compensation insurance.
  7. Does your agency have Columbus Day off? Even if yours doesn’t, other offices will give their employees the day off. This is one of the last long weekends people will have to take advantage off, so provide them with some ideas to do in your area.
  8. If you are starting to think about your winter wardrobe, so are your followers. Share pointers on where to go, what your followers need, and how to be frugal when shopping for winter clothes.
  9. #WhipItUpWednesday idea: Not only is it Oktoberfest, but it is also Sausage Month! Share your best sausage recipes with your clients.
  10. October is also National Chili Month! Many may know how to make chili, but share some of the tricks you put in your recipe.
  11. It is the sport with the longest season, but October is when the magic happens in baseball. If your local team is in the playoffs, make sure you root, root, root for the home team!
  12. Insurance #FactFriday idea: 93 percent of all home water damage is preventable.
  13. Speaking of insurance facts, the first full week in October (10/4 to 10/10) is Fire Prevention Week, so promote fire safety that week with tips and tricks.
  14. As the leaves start to fall, they can make the roads more slippery and dangerous. Encourage your drivers to be cautious when they are driving down the fall roads.
  15. Did you know October is National Field Trip Month? If there are educational places in your area, feel free to promote them, especially if they are your community partners.

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