Social Media News: Twitter Redesign Revealed

With 243 million active monthly users, it must be hard to be Twitter. Think about how tough it has got to be to make 243 million people happy. Today, the social media network took a bold step in the right direction with their visually stimulating update. Have you seen the new Twitter redesign?

In the last several weeks, Facebook and LinkedIn have made changes to their platforms. However, those updates have been primarily about functionality. The social networks focused on how to enhance their offerings for businesses and their support for advertisement, reach, and engagement when it came to paid versus organic traffic. For Twitter, appearances come first – which should make sense since this social network is meant to display content much faster for users.

Twitter Redesign: Visual Changes for Engagement

As of April 8, 2014, here are the updates you can expect to see:

  • An increased emphasis on photos – We already know that social media users favor photos, and typically, social media algorithms favor them as well.
    • Twitter has increased the size of header photos and profile pictures.
  • Engagement is emphasized – If you have a tweet that has been favorite or re-tweeted, it will show up larger in your timeline, which will make it easier for you to see what people are reacting to (for better or for worse).

  • Increased control over what people see – You now have the ability to pin certain tweets to the top of your timeline.

Just weeks after their eighth birthday, the social media network is looking to make a splash – and what better way to do so than with a redesign and exclusive reveal to the Today Show?

If you haven’t seen it yet, no need to worry. Twitter has changed a lot in 8 years, and with this redesign, you can expect that you will see your redesign, and all of the details on how to take advantage, sooner rather than later. Existing users on Twitter may not see the changes immediately; however, new users will see it right away. This is a smart marketing decision on the part of Twitter – they want to increase their active users.

Implications for Insurance Marketing

How can your insurance agency take advantage of the Twitter redesign?

The implications for your agency’s social media strategy when it comes to your overall insurance marketing plan are huge. First, think about why you are using Twitter in the first place: to engage with your audience, stay top of mind, and participate in relevant conversations.

Here are some social media marketing strategy ideas to keep in mind with this Twitter redesign:

  • Use the larger real estate space in the header and profile photos to showcase your insurance agency.
  • Pay attention to engagement – now it will be easier than ever for you to see what is working when it comes to the content you share, it will be larger!
  • Take advantage of the ability you have to pin tweets. If your agency is having an event, promotion or even a new offering, why not pin your best tweet about it for a time frame and control the fact that people see that right away.

With all of the changes going on in the world of social media in the last few weeks, be sure to update your social media calendars to keep your content fresh and in line with the redesigns!

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