Remember, Remember Your Blog Topics For November

November is a time of transition, and there’s more to it than just food and football! Your blog can be the source for all things fall, so take a look at some blog topic ideas:

  1. The November topic that comes to mind first is probably Thanksgiving, and your blog should take full advantage. Food preparation tips, recipes, and guest safety are just a few ways to get your readers in the Thanksgiving spirit.
  2. And if you’re thinking about Thanksgiving, chances are you’re already thinking about the bounty of deals that is Black Friday! This is a great topic to keep it local because you can do a little research and share the best sales in your area. You can also provide some strategies that outline how to go about getting the deals.
  3. Another important holiday to be observed: November 11th is Veterans Day, so take some time to put together a blog post about how people can honor the veterans in your community. Whether it’s a wreath-laying ceremony or a breakfast, you should always try to do some good for those who served our country.
  4. Next month includes National Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week (Nov. 14-22). In 2013, there were about 8 million households that were unable to provide adequate food for their children. The Thanksgiving season often has many food drives, so share some ways to help the cause.
  5. On a lighter food-related note, November is also Vegan Month! Animal product-free cooking can be a great way to shed some pounds and feel better about overall health. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you can share some recipe suggestions on your blog.
  6. For much of the country, next month is when cold temperatures start to peek their head out, which can be a springboard for blogging ideas. For instance, the importance of bundling up and cold weather-related illnesses to be aware of.
  7. This is the season of decorative gourds and beautiful cornucopias with fake fruit. If you have someone with a festive flair, share some Thanksgiving decoration tips that will help get your guests in the mood to feast!
  8. November is Family Literacy Month, and what better excuse is there for a blog post? Share some of the children’s classics your parents read to you or let people know the long-term benefits of reading to your kids every night.
  9. You may not know it, but November 6 marks something incredibly important: National Nacho Day! Share some of your favorite recipes that people can make at home!
  10. Finally, November is also Adopt A Senior Pet Month. While kittens and puppies are always in high demand for prospective pet adopters, there are a lot of benefits to adopting a senior pet.

November has a bounty of great blogging topics; which ones is your agency using? Take a minute to leave your ideas in the comments!

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