How To Market & Brand Your Agency When Opening A New Location

Map tacksHave you decided to expand in an effort to keep up with your growing business? If you are adding a new location, you’re probably wondering how potential customers will find your new space. The most important step to new success is marketing and branding your agency correctly and aggressively.

  • There are steps that you can take before you even open your new doors. Creating a blog post on your website is a way to drive attention to your new location. You can blog about the new location, where it will be located, and when it will be opening. You can also blog about local happenings and events in the new area.
  • This is a blog post you can share on your social media sites as well. Posting on social media can help spread awareness of your new location. This is a great community post that can help gain new followers and drive traffic into your website. Another effort on social media you should consider is pursuing paid ads on Facebook that will target that area, to expand your audience.
  • When the new location opens, claiming the location on Google+ will help with local and organic search and also provides an outlet for individuals to know the location exists. This is an important step with branding your new location, as this is an outlet for customers to leave reviews about this location and attract more customers. Having the correct information and reviews on your Google+ page can help your agency perform in the local search results, when people in the office’s area search for their insurance needs.
  • E-mailing your clients, announcing your new location, is another great way to gain traction. If you’re an Zywave client, you could even target this email to prospects in specific area codes. Including an image of the new office is a great call to action for e-mail marketing as well.
  • Having the location information on your website is important for old and new customers. If you have the functionality on your site, having an alert bar on your homepage that is noticeable, but does not hinder the user experience, can be beneficial for raising awareness of the new location. Also, adding the new location to your Contact Us page is important for those who are seeking more information about your locations and can enhance the user experience of your site.
  • Hosting an event at your new office can be a great way to meet locals and introduce your staff to the community. It could even be an event with a local business partner, to bring some attention to the new location and publicity to important partners you either have a commercial account for or want a commercial account for. This can help strengthen those partnerships and humanize your agency and new location.

When you are marketing and branding your new location, remember to create eye catching and engaging posts and information. Before opening a new location, remember these tips in order to adequately promote and establish your agency in your new community.

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