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"ModMaster makes it possible for us to have tangible proof of the services we are providing."

Dick York, Vice President

Crest Insurance Agency


Broker Briefcase P&C, ModMaster

The Partner

Crest Insurance has grown to include offices in Tucson, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sierra Vista, Flagstaff and San Diego, California. They have experienced producers writing policies for clients throughout the United States.

The Challenge

Producers within Crest needed a way to differentiate themselves, as well as win new business, and retain current clients.

The Solution

Using ModMaster, Crest Agency producers perform a quick mod analysis for their clients and prospects and recommend actionable strategies to reduce total workers’ comp costs.

The Benefit

Producers generate leads, secure the BOR in the first meeting, and retain the account.

“ModMaster sets you apart from the guy down the street.”

Dick York, Vice President

Dick York is a VP at Crest Insurance in Tucson, AZ, and he is passionate about ModMaster. Dick knows that understanding the mod is essential to saving his clients money in workers’ comp claims and premiums. That’s why Dick makes sure that all producers in his agency use ModMaster to win new business and retain current clients.

Using ModMaster, producers at Crest Insurance can create mod reports for their clients and prospects in just five minutes. These reports are easy to understand, and they allow producers to recommend strategies and provide safety resources to reduce workers’ comp costs.

Because the ModMaster reports are such a powerful, money-saving tool, producers started leading each pitch with them. Instead of talking about price, the producers would show prospects how much money they could save them in claims and premiums. This strategy helps set Crest Insurance far apart from their competitors.

“I called a prospect who has a string of hardware stores,” says Dick. “Their current mod value was 0.98, but I knew that they had a couple of large losses in the current year and that their mod value was going to increase the following year. When I called the prospect, I had a killer pitch–something that differentiated me and got them interested in meeting…I explained that I could run a mod projection and that I could put loss control measures in place. This piqued my prospect’s interest, and he agreed to meet with me.”

This strategy of leading each pitch with ModMaster has helped Crest Insurance land more first meetings more quickly. And they often secure the BOR in the first meeting.

At the hardware store meeting, Dick showed his prospect that his mod would increase to 1.35 in the following year, resulting in $15,000 in additional expenses. Not only that, but he was able to show the prospect strategies and resources to reduce his workers’ comp-related risk and make a real impact on his bottom line. He secured the BOR in the first meeting. “By telling the mod story, I was able to help the client plan for additional expenses and win the account–$56,000 in premium!”

When it comes to client retention, ModMaster is the secret behind Crest Insurance’s success. “Our retention rate is very high when work comp is involved thanks to ModMaster,” Dick says. “Clients stay because of our consultative approach and the impact on their bottom line, in addition to safety manuals, return to work programs, aging workforce claims, and more through Broker Briefcase. ModMaster makes it possible for us to have tangible proof of the work that we are providing.”

All in all, Crest Insurance has found that ModMaster is a powerful tool for them and their clients. Crest lands and retains more accounts, and their clients save money on claims and premiums. Win-win!

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