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"It is so easy to go in to the Content Cloud and find something relevant to send to clients."

Matt Schoeppe, Senior Consultant

Wilson Partners Group



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Employee Benefits, Wellness Consulting

Success With

Client Cloud, Content Cloud, Sales Cloud


Wilson Partners has a history of over 35 years of employee benefits and employee health and wellbeing market experience, working with Fortune 500 employers, health systems, communities and states. They service a wide range of group sizes, from 50-5,000+. Keeping content updated and compliance information at the ready for clients was an essential, but time-consuming task, and required a more efficient long-term solution.


According to Matt Schoeppe, Senior Consultant, Broker Briefcase was the tool that first attracted Wilson Partners to Zywave. It had exactly what they needed: timely content and lots of it. From regular compliance updates to ever-changing content regarding everything from open enrollment to the pandemic, Wilson Partners now had an effective way to deliver this critical, and sometimes time-sensitive, information to clients. Once they saw the value of the Broker Briefcase content, they knew moving to the full Content Cloud could provide even more benefits.


Matt and team have experienced extensive time savings with Zywave’s tools. The Content Cloud provides value in both the time saved sourcing information and writing accurate and timely content, especially when communicating critical compliance details. Matt estimates they easily save at least 4 hours each time they need to send a compliance update. And lately, with the pandemic and new administration, there have been a lot of compliance updates impacting the insurance world. As time goes on, Matt expects to see even more time and dollars saved as they continue to rollout more client portals and email marketing campaigns to the new leads identified through Zywave’s solutions.

“The Client Portal is a must-have at this point, based on the feedback we get from clients. Clients want online access to information. It’s a way to get clients access to the things they need, when and where they need it.”

— Matt Schoeppe, Senior Consultant

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