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"With Zywave tools and portals, insurance no longer has a stodgy connotation."

Pete, VP, Risk Management Consultant

The Richards Group


Broker Briefcase, ModMaster, MyWave Elements

The Partner

The Richards Group is a full-service insurance and financial services firm that provides comprehensive risk management, employee benefits and investment services just for you.

The Challenge

The Richards Group lost a bid to a competitor, and not because of cost savings or service. They lost this bid because that competitor was backed by Zywave.

The Solution

The Richards Group decided to make a change. They got on the phone with their Zywave Account Executive and became a Zywave partner soon after that.

The Benefit

Clients are so reliant on the MyWave Elements portal and other Broker Briefcase tools that they are more reluctant to consider any other broker; they make their clients’ lives easier with the application of Zywave tools; if any client decides to leave, The Richards Group offers the MyWave Elements portal as a fee-for-service opportunity.

Their relief was incredible with MyWave Elements. The client couldn’t stop thanking us!”

Shannon, Program Coordinator

Pete is the VP and Risk Management Consultant for the Richards Group in Vermont. Shannon is their Program Coordinator and dedicated “Zywave expert.” Their agency focuses on the property and casualty market. The Richards Group came to Zywave after losing a bid to a competitor. The reason? The competitor was backed by Zywave. Pete was convinced that he needed to make a change, so he got on the phone and became a Zywave partner.

The Richards Group fully embraced all of the tools Zywave has to offer. A key factor in their sales and retention strategy was to appoint Shannon as the dedicated keeper of Zywave knowledge at the agency. Both clients and prospects look to her for assistance using the technology, and her expertise has helped the Richards Group stand out in the P&C market.

Zywave’s resources, such as Broker Briefcase, ModMaster, and the MyWave Elements portal, have helped Pete and Shannon provide their clients with excellent service. Using Broker Briefcase, Shannon is able to find crucial information for clients in minutes. When a small hospital in Vermont learned that they needed to implement new safety programs to remain compliant with OSHA guidelines, they spent a frustrating day searching through the OSHA website. They were unable to find the necessary guidance. But one quick call to Shannon solved that problem. Within hours, Shannon had all the information they needed. “The relief was incredible,” says Shannon. “The client couldn’t stop thanking us!

The Richards Group also provides clients with analytics through ModMaster. Using this Zywave tool, the agency is able to show clients exactly how to manage risk and reduce losses in the future. And finally, the Richards Group gives their clients the convenience of digital information storage with the MyWave Elements portal. “With Zywave’s tools and portals, insurance no longer has a stodgy connotation,” says Shannon. “People enjoy the ability to interact with their insurance program just like they do when banking or shopping online.”

There’s no question that the Richards Group has been able to win and retain accounts thanks to Zywave. In fact, after signing on with Zywave, Pete was able to go back and bid for that account he lost before becoming a Zywave partner. The agency who won the account originally hadn’t quite lived up to their promises, so the client put out another RFP. The Richards Group bid on the account again–and won.

Thanks to the MyWave Elements portal and other Broker Briefcase tools, the Richards Group has established a strong exit barrier. Clients are reluctant to leave because they don’t want to lose access to their documents and logs. But if a client does decide to leave, the agency offers the MyWave Elements portal on a fee-for-service basis. This has generated an entirely new revenue stream. All in all, the Richards Group generates six figures of revenue in a 3-6 month period thanks to Zywave.

Most importantly, the Richards Group is making their clients’ lives easier using Zywave’s tools. “We are a trusted source,” says Pete. “Not just delivering a policy.”

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