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"With Zywave tools and portals, insurance no longer has a stodgy connotation."

Pete, VP, Risk Management Consultant

The Richards Group


Employee Benefits Content, P&C Content, Marketing & Prospecting, ModMaster, Client Portal

The Partner

The Richards Group is a full-service insurance and financial services firm that provides comprehensive risk management, employee benefits and investment services just for you.

The Challenge

The Richards Group lost a bid to a competitor, and not because of cost savings or service. They lost this bid because that competitor was backed by Zywave.

The Solution

The Richards Group decided to make a change. They got on the phone with their Zywave Account Executive and became a Zywave partner soon after that.

The Benefit

Clients are so reliant on the Client Portal, Employee Benefits and P&C content that they are more reluctant to consider any other broker; they make their clients’ lives easier with the application of Zywave tools; if any client decides to leave, The Richards Group offers the Client Portal as a fee-for-service opportunity.

Their relief was incredible with MyWave Elements. The client couldn’t stop thanking us!”

Shannon, Program Coordinator

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