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"With Zywave, we can play in that $1 million arena."

Ken Jones, P&C producer

SDL Brokerage


Employee Benefits Content, P&C Content, Marketing & Prospecting

The Partner

SDL Brokerage is an independent agency able to provide the most comprehensive coverages at competitive prices.

The Challenge

In the wake of health care reform, SDL Brokerage was looking to grow the P&C side of their business.

The Solution

By adopting Employee Benefits and P&C content, SDL Brokerage saw an opportunity to play in a larger arena and gain opportunities that formerly would have been seen as “pretty far-fetched.”

The Benefit

The Employee Benefits and P&C content paid for itself before SDL was even finished training. Soon after they started with Zywave, SDL had four big opportunities that would likely have been out of reach in the past.

“In my 30-year career, I can practically count on one hand the number of BORs I’ve won, and I walked away with three of them in three weeks, just using Zywave.”

Ken Jones, P&C producer

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