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"This great account that Zywave helped us win based on technical expertise makes it difficult for them to move away."

Scott Bruner, Vice President

Offenhauser & Co.


P&C Content, Marketing & Prospecting

The Partner

Located in Texas, but primarily servicing four different states – Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana – Offenhauser & Co. has been successful at landing accounts in niche markets.

The Challenge

Offenhauser & Co. was contacted by outside legal counsel. Their insurance program was very disjointed and they hired Offenhauser & Co. as a consultant to help them get their insurance in order.

The Solution

As Scott continued to consult, he kept finding valuable documents in Zywave's P&C content that helped his client.

The Benefit

Offenhauser & Co. won an account worth $500K in annual premiums. Additionally, Offenhauser & Co. continues to consult for the client and collects a $25K annual fee.

“The resources Zywave provides has a lot to do with our success with our client.”

Scott Bruner, Vice President

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