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“It impacts everything I do. Every sale I make, I’m using something from Zywave.”

Michael Vance, Financial & Benefit Risk Manager

Hundley Batts & Associates Insurance Agency


P&C Content, Client Portal, ModMaster

The Partner

Hundley Batts & Associates is a family-owned agency with over 45 years of experience in offering both personal and commercial policies.

The Challenge

Known for their incredibly high level of customer engagement, the agency has consistently sought tools and information that allow them to provide their clients with the highest level of service.

The Solution

With a suite of Zywave products at their disposal, Hundley Batts & Associates have a greater ability to personalize information and follow up with existing and potential clients in a way that adds value other agencies simply can’t provide.

The Benefit

Armed with client- and industry-specific information, Hundley Batts & Associates is much more proactive and selective in the client base it targets. This strategy has led to massively favorable responses from those they serve.

We wake up each morning with a purpose. Our ‘why’ is to protect our client assets. Zywave is a critical success factor in providing value to our clients.” 

Michael Vance, Financial & Benefit Risk Manager

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