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"There were so many unique and complex issues that I had to deal with, and Zywave support was HUGE!"

Bryan, owner

Ellison Christopher



The Partner

In today’s business environment, lean, nimble, efficient, well planned companies are gaining market share. Ellison Christopher’s goal is to become an indispensable strategic partner in the efficient design, implementation and maintenance of your insurance and financial strategies.

The Challenge

Ellison Christopher’s book of business was being touched by different types of competitors.

The Solution

Ellison Christopher decided to use HRconnection to stay competitive in an ever-changing benefits market.

The Benefit

Thanks to HRconnection, in just 2 months, Ellison Christopher retained a combined $40,000 in annual revenue, one from a competing broker and one from a tech company moving into the broker space.

“There were so many unique and complex issues that I had to deal with. The whole process wouldn’t have worked and I wouldn’t have been able to overcome my client’s challenges without Zywave.”

Bryan, owner

Bryan Jackson is the owner of Ellison Christopher in Texas. He helps his business clients secure executive and enterprise benefits, and partners with them to ensure compliance with federal laws and regulations. His clients know that he is passionately committed to protecting their businesses and loved ones. But he nearly lost his biggest account to a competitor who offered online benefits services and materials. Since Bryan was backed by Zywave, he knew he could compete using HRconnection. The problem? It was open enrollment season, and Bryan had to get HRc up and running for this company fast. That didn’t leave a lot of time for training.

Enter Patti, Zywave’s Partner Relationship Consultant. The support Zywave offers our partners is second-to-none. As a partner, Bryan had access to a dedicated training schedule and a team who could get him up to speed fast. And Patti was there to give him immediate help whenever he needed it. Bryan says, “I leaned on Patti heavily to fill the gaps. She was amazing.”

Thanks to Patti and the training team at Zywave, Bryan was able to set up a meeting with his client’s HR manager and CFO right away, and he retained the account. He set up rates, as well as short and long-term disability, and showed his clients the value they would receive by sticking with him and HRc. None of this would have been possible without Zywave’s support. “There were so many unique and complex issues that I had to deal with,” Bryan says. “And Zywave support was HUGE! The whole process wouldn’t have worked, and I wouldn’t have been able to overcome my client’s challenges without them.”

Since Bryan’s “on the fly” training with Patti, he has been able to retain even more business with HRc. In just two months, Ellison Chrstopher retained a total of $40,000 in annual revenue. Those were accounts that would’ve gone to a competitor if it hadn’t been for Zywave and HRconnection.


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