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"We’re getting a lot more 'at bats' because of the website and Intygral integration."

Marshall Madill, Sales Manager

Integrity Insurance Agency



The Partner

Integrity Insurance Agency, located in Topeka, KS, offers a full range of property & casualty insurance and consulting services.

The Challenge

They did not have the technology or sales process in place to effectively capture inbound leads. They were missing out on opportunities and money was falling through the cracks.

The Solution

They were able to have every quote request from the company website flow directly into Intygral.

The Benefit

No more manual entry of lead info; Producers could see inbound leads in real-time; Automatic follow-up activities and communication were created.

“We’ve tried for years to do email campaigns manually and it was a mess. It’s impressive to clients that we are now so ‘on the ball’ because of Intygral.”

Marshall Madill, Sales Manager

Marshall Madil is the sales manager at Integrity Insurance Agency in Topeka, KS. They offer a full range of property and casualty insurance, plus consulting services. Marshall and his wife, Jan, started Integrity Insurance Agency in 2011. In that brief time, the agency’s book of business has grown to over 1,500 clients. Plus, Marshall’s database includes thousands more prospects. Pretty impressive for a small business that’s less than a decade old!

But Marshall and his team had a problem. They didn’t have the technology or sales process in place to effectively capture all those leads. They needed a system that would allow them to pitch and follow-up on rate quotes, without spending countless hours on manual data entry. “We’ve tried for years to do manual campaigns and it was a mess,” Marshall says. “We didn’t even get to the second round to send out!” It was time for something better.

Marshall knew that he needed a true sales strategy that would allow him to capture and nurture inbound leads, improve Integrity’s 30% closing ratio, re-engage lost opportunities, and communicate regularly with clients. After researching various technology products, he decided that Zywave’s Intygral tool was the perfect solution.

With Zywave’s help, Marshall has every quote request from the agency’s website flow directly into Intygral. “We’re getting a lot more ‘at bats’ because of the website and Intygral integration,” he says. “If I can maintain the same closing ratio, but with more leads, I’m happy.”

Since implementing Intygral, Marshall and his team no longer have to manually enter their leads into their database. Intygral does this automatically. What’s more, the agency is able to automatically email each new lead and re-engage lost opportunities. They also nurture their current clients with value emails. Thanks to Intygral, the agency is now able to send over 6,000 emails per month to both prospects and current clients. Every contact gets the right message at the right time.

In a 6-month period, Integrity Insurance Agency sent out nearly 41,000 emails using Intygral. These campaigns averaged an impressive 19.3% open rate! And because of the new sales capabilities offered by Intygral, Integrity bought its first commercial prospecting list. With the help of their Zywave partner relations consultant, Christine, they were able to immediately upload all of these contacts into Intygral and start pitching right away. “Christine is awesome,” Marshall says. “I claw and scratch to get this kind of support from other technology vendors. Never have I felt like I was going without support from Zywave.”

Since signing on with Zywave and implementing this tool, Integrity’s business has grown exponentially. Marshall says, “Three years ago today, I had three phone lines and a fax line. Thanks to Zywave and Intygral, that fax line is history, and I’ve added a total of seven lines. There are times that four or five of those lines are lit up constantly. When I look down and see all the lights, I am confident those are prospects, and confident it’s because of Zywave and Intygral.”

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