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"The content. I just can’t say enough about the content. The content is timely and gets the job done."

Rick Aspan, Senior Human Resource Business Partner

Beneficial Solutions


Naperville, IL

Brokerage Focus

Employee Benefits, HR Services/Consulting, Wellness Programs

Success With

Sales Cloud, Client Cloud, Content Cloud


Since 1991, Beneficial Solutions has been working with small and mid-sized firms to build robust employee benefits packages. Rick Aspan joined Beneficial Solutions after 15+ years in the corporate HR world, with the goal of helping advance Beneficial Solution’s mission of being a trusted partner who brings greater value to the broker-client relationship. Rick quickly recognized the potential of Zywave’s solutions and realized they needed to get more out of their products.


Recognizing the value of Zywave’s solutions, Rick and his team decided to move from using only a few of Zywave’s individual point solutions (such as HR360 and HR Hotline), to investing in Zywave’s Clouds to leverage a more robust suite of solutions to grow their business. In fact, Rick believed so much in the need to expand how they worked with Zywave, that he volunteered to the cover the costs himself in order to get the buy-in he needed. In the first 3-4 months alone, the solutions paid for themselves and Rick was able to prove their value as an ongoing revenue stream.


Beneficial Solutions decided to upgrade to several of Zywave’s Clouds—Content Cloud, Sales Cloud and Client Cloud—to bring increased value to their current clients and attract new prospects through enhanced lead generation and email marketing automation.

“We are just scratching the surface on the lead generation tools, but they’re already providing great value”

— Rick Aspan, Senior Human Resource Business Partner

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