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"After 10 minutes of the demo, I was sold. Seeing Broker Briefcase and all the safety and OSHA documents it has — those were some of the things I knew could make us a differentiator in the marketplace."

Mick Hunt, Chief Operating Officer

All About Insurance (AAI)


Broker Briefcase P&C, MyWave Connect, ModMaster, HR Hotline

The Partner

All About Insurance (AAI) is a full-service agency based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with 10 locations serving 30,000-plus clients across seven states.

The Challenge

Mick Hunt, AAI’s Chief Operating Officer, knew he wanted to grow the company’s commercial portfolio and pursue some of the large, small and midmarket accounts owned by bigger brokers.

The Solution

With Broker Briefcase P&C Edition, MyWave Connect, ModMaster and HR Hotline, AAI now has a range of tools that help them win new business, retain clients and clearly demonstrate value-added services.

The Benefit

AAI has grown their commercial book of business, increased their closing ratio nearly 15 percent and retained its largest account.

“Most of the time I knew I could come in with a similar price or beat their price, but now I have other tools that I can bring to the table with me.”

Mick Hunt, Chief Operating Officer


Before he learned about Zywave, Hunt said he and his producers were going into meetings with fingers crossed, hoping they could beat the incumbent’s price. But after seeing a demo of Zywave’s suite of marketing communications resources, analytics, client resource portals and agency management tools, he knew he had found a solution.

“After 10 minutes of the demo, I was sold and ready to go,” Hunt said. “A lot of agencies in the marketplace aren’t talking to their customers or prospects about safety, return to work or OSHA training. Most of the time I knew I could come in with a similar price or beat their price, but now I have other tools that I can bring to the table with me.”


Hunt said Zywave’s solutions had empowered producers to stay informed, and the tools available to them are filling service gaps and helping win accounts. Broker Briefcase’s three-minute Prospect Presentation Creator is one feature that gets a lot of use.

“It’s been amazing,” he said. “Even before we meet with the prospect and provide a quote, the Prospect Presentation Creator allows us to pull content relevant to their pain points in minutes. We’re having in-depth conversations about risk management. We’re having conversations about OSHA. Those are things that we could not have done before without having a dedicated content team or devoting extra hours we don’t have. It’s an eye-opener.”

Now, about 70 percent of all client presentations are enhanced with world-class solutions from Broker Briefcase or ModMaster. These industry and client-specific solutions help AAI demonstrate why they’re a thought leader in the insurance industry and the unique problems they can help their customers solve. ModMaster, in particular, gives clients an “a-ha” moment, he said, showing them the amount of money they could be investing in or saving their business by getting their losses under control.


Through Zywave’s solutions, AAI has increased their closing ratio nearly 15 percent. AAI retained their largest account by supercharging their value-add and won seven new accounts by demonstrating a single tool in Broker Briefcase. Producers are more motivated knowing they have additional resources to demonstrate their expertise and help close deals.

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