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Actuarial, Underwriting & Pricing

Powering insurer data analysis

Add context and nuance to modeling initiatives

Data is more than a nice-to-have for insurers. In an industry built upon risk, data provides a competitive advantage.

When it comes to actuarial, underwriting, and pricing initiatives, insurers depend on robust data. It’s tough to set competitive rates without knowing how others price their coverage. It’s challenging to assess risks by relying on singular data points. And it’s near impossible to expand into new industries or geographies without getting a glimpse of the marketplace.

Zywave has solutions for these actuarial, underwriting, and pricing tasks for insurers. Our Loss Insight database includes roughly 1 million commercial loss records. Our Market Basket solution provides an enhanced view of personal lines rating data. And ModMaster offers powerful assessment options for Mod scores.

It’s no secret. Zywave’s databases and benchmarking tools provide the juice for insurer data analysis initiatives.

Actuarial, Underwriting & Pricing

Solutions For Insurers

Loss Insight

Boost your risk assessment processes with a trove of historical loss data

  • Access to dataset of roughly 1 million losses totaling $3 trillion in value
  • Public domain records illustrate Cybersecurity, D&O, EPLI, Excess Casualty losses
  • Data clear of E&O concerns and available via FTP transfer

Market Basket

Ensure your rating initiatives meet the needs of the market

  • View millions of anonymized quote records run through Zywave’s TurboRater
  • Parse up to 30 days of personal lines quoting data at one time, segmented by state
  • Understand how your rates stack up against the competition


Understand the context behind the Mod score

  • Get detailed loss analysis to accompany Mod score
  • View minimum and controllable Mods, and impacts on premium
  • Create customized reports to share with brokers and insureds for risk mitigation discussions

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