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Prospecting & Sales Enablement

Boosting insurer growth initiatives

Get market intel to enhance expansion efforts

Expansion is a key strategy for many insurers. A dynamic risk environment can reward those who seek new opportunities to grow premium and extend influence. But the cost of failure is high, and the right tools are essential for seizing the moment.

Zywave solutions can help insurers sustainably approach prospecting and sales enablement. Our miEdge solution provides intel on insureds and brokers in new markets, giving insurers essential tools for strategic expansion. And our Content Distribution solution allows insurers to deliver their content at scale to a network of thousands of brokers.

Taking the next step in growing your presence doesn’t need to be nerve-wracking. Zywave’s solutions can provide a confidence boost.

Prospecting & Sales Enablement

Solutions for Insurers


Take your prospecting and distribution management efforts to the next level

  • Comprehensive profiles of insureds, including COPE and OSHA data
  • Robust query features, including searches by industry or NAICS code
  • Ability to view records of insureds by associated broker
  • Integrations with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics

Content Distribution for Insurers

Expand the reach of your content by distributing it through Zywave’s Content Cloud

  • Access to a network of more than 3,500 brokers
  • Ability to set preferred audience for each content asset
  • Enhanced methods for brokers to surface content
  • Dynamic reporting to measure adoption and engagement

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